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Applying the Principles of Fair Process: A Review of “Enemies of the State?… ”, and Comment on Appropriate Procedure from a Practitioner’s Viewpoint, and Why Context Matters. J. P. (Phil) Prince January, 2014

Introduction December 1, 2019 This post is one of two long reviews related to Alberta’s regulatory evolution since 2007. This incident, triggered by a controversial hearing on a Transmission line and a charge of spying levied against the AEUB may have contributed to...

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About Me

I am a retired economist with a continuing interest in the world around me, how it works and sometimes doesn’t work.  The phrase in the heading, Quaecumque Vera is Latin meaning whatsoever things are true”.  This is the motto of my Alma Mater, the University of Alberta from which I have a Ph. D. in Arts/Economics. Seeking Objectivity suggests impartial or neutral assessments that are not affected by preconceptions or outright bias.  The Seeking component is important. I may not achieve full neutrality but I’ll keep trying.  Nonetheless, gentle reader, Beware!